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Any Luck With Turnkey or Associate Programs?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Laughingmouse, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Laughingmouse

    Laughingmouse New Member

    I have always wanted to sell jewelry, and found a program much like the Amazon Associate's program. Instead of just scattering banners and links all over the internet, you actually have a storefront, stocked with items the affiliate hand picks.

    The company provides training videos and information to help you market the wares you have chosen.

    I decided to sign up, but I am not sure these programs have ever made money.

    Do you have an Amazon Associate storefront? If so, have you had any luck making sales?

    As I said before, the program I have joined is not through Amazon, but I think more people are familiar with that program.

  2. Brianna Jay

    Brianna Jay Member

    I joined a program similar to the one you are referring to. It was a storefront with jewelry and cosmetics. Unfortunately, I had no success with it and have since let it go. I've only seen good results from a referral program I've joined which churns out anywhere from $300-$500 per week. After failing with many of those storefront-style programs, I decided to give it up and focus my energy on something that really makes money.

  3. Laughingmouse

    Laughingmouse New Member

    I noticed the site encourages sellers to buy a sample kit, which I would never do, to use in home parties. Of course, this is not mentioned until somewhere later in the sign up and set up process. They don't require it, but it makes me suspicious.

    I may fool around with it a bit to see if anything happens, but in the end I'll probably set up an Etsy shop and sell crochet patterns, adding jewelry later.


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