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Best free CMS

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by thebestia, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. thebestia

    thebestia Member

    In your opinion, what's the best free cms? (plugin, security, support, graphics, seo)

  2. masimf

    masimf Member

    I think wordpress is the best

  3. Samuel

    Samuel Active Member

    yah.. Wordpress is great in respect of plugins, themes, cant say about support..

  4. john_

    john_ Member

    Wordpress I think also. I have several sites running on wordpress platform and it gives you the complete freedom to do whatever you want on your site : a lot of plugins and a lot of theme, anybody who tried it can't be dissatisfied with it, it's a pleasure to work with wordpress--at least for me ;)

  5. Rams

    Rams New Member

    Ive been trying JOOMLA and Plone, but it just wont work.. its driving me nuts and it really isnt a "plug&play" way to manage a site.
    Both times ive been totally lost... lol

    So for the time being I gave up, though eventually I really do need to find me a way to make my clients manage their own site!

    Are you guys saying Wordpress will do that job? And say Ive designed my own site/lay-out with HTML/CSS/Javascript codes..
    and I want certain pages to be manageable by the client. How would I make that possible with Wordpress?

    I know I should investigate I just want someone with experience to share some vital tips maybe? ty

  6. annemendez

    annemendez New Member

    of course Wordpress, its easy to use and very popular.

  7. WordPress , because it supports many SEO plugins and easy to manage the content with less coding.

  8. Roald

    Roald Member

    My first choice is Wordpress, Joomla is second and Drupal is 3rd on preference list.

  9. innpacked

    innpacked New Member

    Yes there are many free CMS available over internet but when you will integrated with designs you have to pay some money for modules. In other words nothing is free with fully support 

  10. lennondevid

    lennondevid New Member

    Yes, you can use Joomla or Drupal or Wordpress. They are the best CMS and are more popular now.

  11. carleywatson

    carleywatson Member

    my point of view , Joomla is the best CMS.

  12. carleywatson

    carleywatson Member

    joomla is the best CMS for you . it provide a flexible platform to develop a simple website.

  13. annalee

    annalee New Member

    What is CMS ? Is it just like plugin?

  14. aman

    aman Member

  15. smartkathy

    smartkathy New Member

    My favorite CMS is Wordpress. It is more user friendly as well as easy to install all plugins.

  16. Wordpress. Easy to do and easy to get noticed by search engines.

  17. WordPress of course. But Joomla and Drupal are not that bad.

  18. jamesfrank101

    jamesfrank101 New Member

    wordpress and joomla both are best and drupal come after them

  19. Cloudc.me

    Cloudc.me New Member

    Wordpress is best, but joomla is taking good pace

  20. Cloudc.me

    Cloudc.me New Member

    Wordpress has lot of users and well updated. Whereas Joomla is still growing user base, equally comparable.

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