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Could This Signal The End Of Google+?

Discussion in 'Google' started by OhioTom76, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Member

    There are some rumors floating around lately that Google is going to start dialing back on Google+, after several years of operation:


    Supposedly they are also ending forced integration with other Google services - so in other words, you can create a Gmail account without being forced to have a Google+ account to go along with it.

    I am all in favor of this, Google+ is just another waste of time that was too little too late. To make matters worse, it was yet one more confusing mess of settings for us to all go through, with the constant paranoia we may be over sharing things, as we have done with Facebook in the past.

  2. Samuel

    Samuel Active Member

    Honestly, it won't come as a surprise, Google has been trying to catch FB for quite sometime now and I don't think they ever will. Maybe they should just stick to manipulating search :LOL: and oh ofcourse giving free email :rolleyes:

  3. Rainman

    Rainman Member

    I don't see why Google 'wanted it all." They'd successfully supplanted all other established search engines and with their super-giant blogging platform and video site I'm thinking they had enough space on the web to place their ads.

    What would they have gained by pushing FB out considering the fact the most people who use FB still view Google ads elsewhere when they visit youtbe to view shared videos and stuff like that?

    However, their current move to stop shoving G+ down people's throats could mean they have something else in mind . . . and that, should worry their competitors.

  4. jake

    jake Member

    Yeah, Google+ was never going to be a match for Facebook. I realized that as soon as they launched this. I feel that they are putting too little effort in too many places and that's why so many of their services are either closing down after a few years or are not that good.

    When they put their efforts into something and focus upon it they get things like Google.com which is the best search engine. When they don't, they get things like Google+.

  5. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    Hmm, interesting. G+ obviously couldn't compete directly with Facebook but I thought they had bigger plans for G+. They clearly gathered a ton of members simply by forcing the integration, but I wonder what they gained from that? Did they really think they'd be able to beat FB/Twitter?

  6. Ultip

    Ultip Member

    I'd be very glad if they were to abolish Google+. It was a disaster and has now stopped me from using many of Google's services - I now only use search and YouTube. Nothing else any more.

  7. whnuien

    whnuien Member

    I hope they will replace it with something better and one that does not waste people's time like Google+. I honestly have not seen anything good in using their social media so far and I hate getting followers who does not care about communication.

  8. AgentD22

    AgentD22 Member

    Well it was a matter of time, if your product fails and you decide to force it to the public, you better be sure it's perfect because the reaction will probably be negative. Google+ was just not as good as everything else out there, so once people HAD to use it they just rejected it even more.

  9. Hansen

    Hansen New Member

    If these reports hold any merit. Then I am thankful. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of having to use Google+ when using youtube and other services. In my opinion google ruined Youtube. I wonder what youtube would be like today if google hadn't acquired it.

  10. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh New Member

    Aww, I was going to see if I can do Google Plus after I have got a handle on Facebook. Oh well, there's goes another idea. This won't be the first time that Google has killed one of its brainchildren.

  11. Hansen

    Hansen New Member

    Trust me, you'll be happy with Google+ gone. This'll give google some resources to focus on other projects that are actually worthwhile.

  12. Rube

    Rube Member

    I have seen a lot of complaints and much criticism of Google+. Possibly there has been a reduction in Gmail users as a result.

    Google is well known for starting new programs and then ending or changing ones that don't work. It is no hardship to Google, when it has so many different services and options for development.

    One thing you can be sure of, Google will never stay the same and will always be refining, altering, adding and removing its services.

    Another thing is that Google will always have its critics and it is an organization that can take bad publicity and will still go ahead with anything it has planned.

  13. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    I'm not surprised to hear about this, as there was a massive backlash as Google tried to force the Google + commenting system on Youtube.

    Also despite the time and money invested in this social media project it just hasn't been able to capture the public's attention like Twitter or Facebook.

    The name always seemed bland to me, surely with the billions floating around at the Googleplex they could have arrived at a better name than Google +?

  14. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    I kind of agree with this, but I also kind of get what they were going for.... simplicity.

    After all, their main competitor, Facebook, used a system simply called "like" so by going with another simple, easily explained "plus," they kept it basic without going overboard.

  15. Laughingmouse

    Laughingmouse New Member

    I think Google has figured out a way to compete with other social networks. Their creating the authorship program has drawn people to Google+ in droves!

    If the traffic I have seen is any indication, I doubt Google+ will end anytime soon.

    Their other strength is the way they have set up Google+ communities. Remember Google groups? They were bland and difficult to read through. I think Google+ communities actually have more activity than Yahoo's groups.

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