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Do You Use Any Of The Products You Promote?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Rube, May 12, 2014.

  1. Rube

    Rube Member

    I wonder how many affiliates actually buy and use the products they are marketing online?

    I think it is a big advantage to be able to write genuine reviews and testimonials about products and services being promoted. Some affiliates might also produce videos showing their products in use.

    Personal knowledge also makes it easier to answer questions and explain things more clearly.

  2. AgentD22

    AgentD22 Member

    Of course, is there is any chance you could actually like what you're selling it's always for the best, it just makes your sales pitch much more honest and natural. When you're selling something and for some reason your arguments stop flowing naturally, you're more likely to lose the interest of the client.

    Good question, i'm interested to see what other think.

  3. Rainman

    Rainman Member

    Most affiliate marketers don't use the products they promote. They simply pick some product from list, read reviews about it and next thing they do is start promoting the product like they've used it.

    It's unethical but fact is, you can't buy each product you promote. What of those money-making affiliate programs. Would you waste time clicking on ads that pay $0.002 per ad view until you earn $10 to start telling people about how much money they'll make from a GPT site they are promoting? I doubt it.

    I, too, wouldn't buy a product but I'll try to learn as much about it before starting to promote it.

  4. CrystalMarie

    CrystalMarie New Member

    I have used some of the products that I promote. It is easier to give detailed information about a product that you have actually used. I have found that when people promote products that they do not use, it comes across to their audience. When you actually have used a product, you know the pros and cons and can show that to potential customers while still persuading them to buy.

  5. whnuien

    whnuien Member

    I'm not selling any products online at the moment but I do offline for a baby products.

    I have my own baby so I'm more confident in selling products I have already used for my own.

    If I ever sell online then I would only sell one I have already tried even if it means I only have one type of product to promote.

  6. IMteabwoi

    IMteabwoi Member

    If I ever promote a product I have to use the product first. Normally I see lots and lots and lots of people who promote affiliate products and they themselves have never used the products before. To me that is just wrong I believe that you should attest have an idea of what the products is about and the type of experience that you had before you go out recommending products to people.

    Using the product before and knowing how it works can help you to sell it easier.

  7. eppie

    eppie Member

    The affiliate programs that I am currently involved with right now are mostly membership sites. I'm an active member and I get paid (or rewarded) for recruiting more new members. So I guess that's the same as "using the product you are promoting" right?:D

    Personally, I don't like to promote products that I don't have first hand experience in. Even with membership referral programs, I only promote those sites where I have earned and have cashed out some money. Or else I would not even talk about it in my blogs or sites. :)

  8. Colebra

    Colebra New Member

    Yeah... I too feel a little sketchy about selling products that I have personally not used, and therefore, have no real knowledge about.

    It sure comes across in your writing, and it most show in your conversions big time!
    The whole point of people landing in your website was for them to find someone who could share some really valuable information, and thus, make the buying decision easier...

    But of course you can't buy everything you review... Not when you're starting at least.

  9. BarneyJ

    BarneyJ New Member

    Not always) Sometimes I promote female products))
    But, in general, I wouldn't be good if u promoted smth you've never tried... BUT u don't have to try it, u can just ask smbd or read about that)

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