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Google+ and Youtube

Discussion in 'Google' started by Hansen, May 13, 2014.

  1. Hansen

    Hansen New Member

    I recently saw a post on the forums talking about the end of Google +


    Which got me thinking, do you remember the old Youtube? Before Google acquired it? I feel like it was much easier to monetize your work back than, than it is now.

    What you do you guys think?

    What would be the state of Youtube if Google hadn't bought it out?

  2. Rainman

    Rainman Member

    Someone else would have bought it and tried to commercialize it their way. So either way, we'd have to deal with the policies of Corporates who knew nothing about youtube and may have seen it as a cashcow or Google which had already proved that their primary interest is having their ads seen by as many people as possible.

    So whether it would have been better or not, depends on who would have bought it.

  3. Hansen

    Hansen New Member

    Agreed. But google did such a terrible job with Youtube. Incorporating Google+ threw a lot of people off. I think the only reason Youtube is still around today is because of it's cheap player. Anyone can upload anything they please, quality doesn't matter much. Quantity however is a different battle.

    I'm hoping sites like Vimeo take over next.

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  4. johnnear

    johnnear New Member

    I think when Google acquired YouTube all went down hill from there and it didn't help that they forced people into getting Google+ which is clearly not working out. I think that's what alienated people from YouTube, I myself got turned off of how Google destroyed YouTube, back then it was like a haven for content creators but now it's just another website where you can upload stuff and click close on ads. Also it doesn't help that Google still pushes their crappy Google+ onto their Android phones. I used to like Google but after what they did I just blanked out. I hope some other site would emerge and crush YouTube all together or at least bring it back the way it used to.

  5. turt

    turt New Member

    I don't think Youtube would have been able to run without the cash of a major technology business either. On top of that only a few companies have the expertise and backbone to provide infrastructure for such a massive website bandwidth/storage wise.

    Overall, in terms of buyouts, Google didn't change Youtube much compared to what others would have done. Definitely would have charged a lot of money to use it etc.

  6. AgentD22

    AgentD22 Member

    This was a poor move, and that's kind of the obvious way to put it, since i'm one of the many users that find the new system helping the toxic side of youtube to come out.

    But also from a business stand point it's terrible, forcing this to your users is not getting good responses, might be the end of the hated Google+.

  7. Brianna Jay

    Brianna Jay Member

    I don't use Google+ so it's extremely annoying having to deal with it while editing my YouTube account. I miss the way it was; hopefully Google will try to make it better for its users.

  8. Loveleen Kaur

    Loveleen Kaur Active Member

    I prefer Youtube as compared to google+. To download and upload any types of video it is the best option for me.

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