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How hard is it to build an affiliate site now?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by jake, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. jake

    jake Member

    I think that it's getting harder to build an affiliate marketing based website because Google seems to hate them and doesn't rank them as well as it did years back. If someone has seen otherwise please share, but from what I've seen it's very hard to just slap on some articles with affiliate links and hope you rank. If you don't have a trustworthy site that has a lot of pages without affiliate links in them, you won't rank.

    How hard is it to build an affiliate site today? Is it looking harder from where you stand as well?

  2. BeeBop

    BeeBop Member

    I think the more important point is that it's harder to rank than it was before. Google doesn't want you to rank, they want you to pay for AdWords, so they are switching up the algorithms and scaring away people who do SEO. People will say to me that everything is great if you do white hat SEO, yeah, okay, I'm going to do whitehat SEO and wait for 6 months for Google to rank me and then create a new algorithm that will blast my site to the last page. That's a great business model.

  3. jake

    jake Member

    I think you are right, BeeBop! They do seem to have a strategy of scaring people away from SEO! They've been doing this through Matt Cutts who has a certain following that hangs on his every word!

    As soon as he says "do this and don't do that because you will get penalized" people start to freak out. A lot of people's businesses have been whipped out by Panda and Penguin and I'm talking about honest businesses not scam ones.

  4. IMteabwoi

    IMteabwoi Member

    Yeah it seems like every single time that you are able to sorta figure out what it is that google is doing regarding SEO google feel that they should just change the way that people are doing things.

    Basically as you said google are forcing people into using Adwords which means that they are just catering to the big boys and not to the small guys like you and I.

  5. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    It is getting harder to create an affiliate sites nowadays. A few years ago, there were few affiliate sites on the internet, meaning easier traffic and little competition. Now, many more people have learned how to, so it is much more difficult. Don't let that stop you though. It'll take some hard work, but a successful affiliate site is extremely possible!

  6. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    Prior to the Penguin update of April 2012 it used to be very easy to rank affiliate sites on the front page of Google.

    Once you'd found a profitable niche the blueprint many webmasters followed was:

    1) Choose an exact match keyword domain.
    2) Throw up a few pages of related content.
    3) Backlink that puppy until the cows came home with keyword rich anchor text.
    4) Watch affiliate checks flood in, choose new niche, rinse and repeat...

    Now it is much harder, but it's still possible to rank affiliate sites, just now you need a decent site with at least 10 pages of relevant content.

    Your site also needs good page load speed and uptime.

    On a positive note you need far fewer links to rank than you did before, but those links need to be good quality, and not be loaded with keyword anchor text.

  7. Rainman

    Rainman Member

    Appears to me that the affiliate marketing landscape is changing faster than the players can adapt to it. Google more concerned with making money from ads will see to it that they discourage affiliate marketers who rely on search traffic from placing affiliate links on their sites but good thing is there are multiple places people can get traffic from.

    To stay on the safe side, affiliate marketers should diversify their traffic sources so that if one does dry out, you'll have another traffic source . . .

  8. CrystalMarie

    CrystalMarie New Member

    I do not think it is hard to build an affiliate website. However, It is time consuming if you plan on trying to rank high on Google. I personally do not use my site to rank high but more so as a place to send my target audience to assure trustworthiness.

  9. Rube

    Rube Member

    It is important to adapt to changes and ways that Internet is used. A good website will still be content-rich, but you can use videos and images in addition to text.

    Google loves video content and so do social media networks. Images can be posted on sites such as Pinterest.

    The focus should always be on quality. If the content is useful and interesting, people will visit your affiliate marketing website. They should see affiliate banners and recommended products when they get there.

  10. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    There's a chap from Australia called Andrew Hansen that offers an excellent course for beginners entitled "Forever Affiiliate".

    Perfect for those looking for a step by step blueprint, and he offers numerous case studies.

    Good for newbies, or experienced hands who are looking for a refresher or a few tips to breathe life into stale websites.

  11. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Member

    It seems much harder, but I also feel like this has to do with the specific product or services you are choosing to promote - it's not necessarily Google's fault if a particular market becomes too saturated and too competitive.

    I saw a chart not too long ago that showed the extreme growth in overall web sites in the past few years, and there has been a very very steep rise in the last 5 years alone when compared to the 15 years prior to them. The number of web sites out there these days in total is about 4x more than there were 5 years ago.

    I dabbled a bit in Amazon affiliate marketing a couple of years ago, in some admittedly rather dull niches (Horror movie collectibles, and streaming media players) and barely made anything off of either. Though I didn't really do much to promote them either - I wanted to see what they could do on their own first. Google eventually dropped one of the sites from AdSense (after previously approving it, despite the fact that I hadn't made a single change to it after it had initially been approved). I was also using the Associate-O-Matic script to create an Amazon "storefront" on the fly at my domains, which Google apparently didn't like either.

    On the other hand, today, I happened to be searching for "Vitamix vs. Blendtec" and the #1 result was an obvious affiliate site, which I found rather funny since neither of the actual brands had the top spot for it.

  12. Teresita Tayanes

    Teresita Tayanes New Member

    I tried to be an affiliate marketer without building content to a website. I registered a domain name at Go Daddy and redirect the domain name to the landing page of the product that i am promoting , of course with my affiliate id on it.

  13. Colebra

    Colebra New Member

    It's kind of hard as a newbie, to read posts like this and not get a little bit discouraged...

    What does Google gain in getting rid of little affiliate marketers?
    I mean, of course they want people to spend money on AdWords, but they can only go so far with this right? They can't just make it too hard, and loose a big percentage of their content builders...

    I've known about Affiliate Marketing for about six months now, so of course I'll have a different perspective than people who have been in the business for years...
    But I mean, people always complaint right? No one ever says stuff is easy...

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