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How often do you back up your site?

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Glados, May 13, 2014.

  1. Glados

    Glados Member

    One of the things that would definitely put a webmaster to tears is seeing his site break and go bonkers. Because of this, we should perform regular backups just in case something extremely bad goes wrong with the site.

    Do you back up your site regularly? How often do you backup your site and what backup software/plugin/service do you use?

  2. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh New Member

    My site is on a host which provides nightly backups. So I am covered. When I have put something really good on my site, I back it up manually, too. My articles on my site are also all published on Facebook, so I have triple insurance, so to say.

  3. eppie

    eppie Member

    Hi Glados :)

    Just like Victor here, my hosting company provide regular backups for my data, though I'm not sure if it's done weekly or bi-weekly? But as an added precaution, I also do backups especially for my Wordpress blogs. I used the "BackUpWordpress" plugin. It's free and automatically create backups daily. :)

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