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How to be successful when it comes to any business...

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by vatrecia, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. vatrecia

    vatrecia New Member

    People are not receiving success due to the lack of knowledge they are having in marketing. No matter what product you have, or what niche you're in there are always different strategies you can use to market yourself.

    First step: is to always make sure that you have a product or service to sell.

    Second step: have an Auto response with a hosting service setup, unless your product or service provides it for you.

    Third Step: Market yourself to all kinds of search engines, classified sites, social media sites,
    and offline marketing, Etc.

    Fourth step: Follow up with your leads through the auto response, help them understand what your selling or doing, and watch your commissions grow.

    That's all you really need to be successful within any business including having patience.
    What are your insights as to how you market yourself or business daily?

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  2. IMteabwoi

    IMteabwoi Member

    Yeah that is basically everything in a nutshell., You see the thing is a lot of people hear about making money online and they have been fooled into thinking that it is as easy as some of the marketers like to make it seem. One thing that I have discovered from my years of trying to build my internet business is that it is a lot of work and not as simple as a lot of them made it look. Its about Focus and Discipline that all lead to a specific goal for you business and for your life that you have set.

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  3. Rainman

    Rainman Member

    Great points Vatrecia. The reason most online marketers fail is because they think marketing is all about posting articles in a blog and waiting for traffic. To succeed, it takes a plan and clearly defined goals that start from the bottom [easily achievable goals] and head upwards to where the real money is.

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  4. Rube

    Rube Member

    In addition to planning, discipline and hard work, I believe in being professional. This means taking pride in all you do and never get involved in cheating, trolling, spamming, scamming or other unethical practices.

  5. CrystalMarie

    CrystalMarie New Member

    Thanks for this thread post. It seems that we forget to utilized the basic skill of an online business. The skills mentioned are a great way to watch you money grow with basic strategies.

  6. Teresita Tayanes

    Teresita Tayanes New Member

    For me, i follow a business model that has been tried by marketing gurus and has proven successful. Although there is no surefire formula for success for everyone, at least my learning curve is shortened by following a tried business model.

  7. introspectiv

    introspectiv New Member

    It is a simple idea. But, something is not so easy about it. If it was then more people would be a lot more successful.

  8. Colebra

    Colebra New Member

    I think that consistency and discipline will always be at the top of things an entrepreneur needs in order to become successful...

    As far as business models for internet marketing goes, I wish I had some awesome information to share... But in that regard, there must be no written in stone rule or magic formulas, that allow you to create cash cows in seconds...

    The Internet is still a baby, so rules will always be changing.

    Consistency and discipline will always be the deal breaker, because they allow an entrepreneur to learn the rules, adapt to changes, bend the rules, break the rules, whatever...


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