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How to get more trafic

Discussion in 'Google' started by wangel, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. wangel

    wangel New Member

    Hello All,

    I need more traffic for my site using social media but won't working through posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin ....


    Angel Watson

  2. martinsherman

    martinsherman New Member

    Its important for every website to participate in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to get some more traffic other than search engines like google, yahoo, bing. Its good to create profile in the name of your website and upload your logo in your profile image and other necessary details about your website contacts so that users can easily contact you through there.

    Hope this help you!!

  3. Roald

    Roald Member

    Do you think the efforts you are doing on social media are worthy and interesting? Share on your social pages that people expect from you. Write more about your products/services with information, tips etc.

    If you have video related to your business, share it with your audiences. Make your page like a small newspaper and let people know what's going to happen around them related to your business.

  4. Ashleytaylor

    Ashleytaylor New Member

    Well, any website needs solid of page optimization to rank well at top of the Google search....The main things that helps you to drive traffic is link building, guest post, article submission, book marking, forum participation & blog comment...

  5. onlinemovierocks

    onlinemovierocks New Member

    If you want to more traffic through social media then you need to add first social media buttons in your site because many visitors give you votes. Its' held u to get more visitors.
    Gud Luck

  6. adam

    adam New Member

    Using some off page activities & social media sites you will get quality of traffics like -
    1.Article Submission
    2.Forum Posting
    3.Directory Submission
    4.Social Bookmarking
    5.Blog Commenting

  7. You can still get good back links from high PR social bookmarking and content hosting sites. If you regularly do this. But don't underestimate social media in redirecting a good amount of human traffic into your website. Marketers would have stopped long ago if social media failed to deliver what they were expecting.

  8. JessicaJohn

    JessicaJohn Member

    Blogs and social media sites are very helpful to get good figure of traffic as well as good business. Company blogs are more effective when you post on daily basis and share unique and fresh content on your blog.

  9. rahul1

    rahul1 Member

    If you will do hard work on social media you will get good traffic.

  10. Company blogs, effective? Okay I'll try that. But they still have this strict spam filters.

  11. Dhanishta

    Dhanishta New Member

    Now a days SMO is very important to get more traffic.

  12. malissa

    malissa New Member

    These are 5 SEO tips for massive traffic.
    1. PPC
    2. Affiliate marketing
    3. Social bookmarking
    4. Blog submission
    5. Article submission

  13. Kristopher

    Kristopher Member

    To get more traffic, you need to build quality links. This means writing articles, posting links on forums, writing reviews, etc. The more back links you have, the more traffic that will be coming into your site. It's a good start before you spend a large sum of money on marketing your website.

  14. sbglobal

    sbglobal Member

    You can get traffic from yahoo answer  as well as social networking sites.

  15. parthag

    parthag Member

    SMO is the best way to increase traffic. You can also share videos on the Video sharing sites, share images & share slides & document. I think those will help you. 

  16. eagle22

    eagle22 New Member

    One thing that I never hear anyone really talking about but something that gets me a TON of social media traffic is using a program called Traffic Zombie, check it out. It's great for getting your site to go viral without you doing much work.

  17. Ultip

    Ultip Member

    Traffic exchange sites, manual ones, can sometimes work. Paid-to-click sites too, or you can use StumbleUpon, Delicious and Digg.

  18. az athena

    az athena New Member

    First and foremost, focus on providing high-quality, unique content on your site. Keep it active and fresh. Blogs are helpful, too, as others have noted, but that goes with keeping your content fresh. If you're blogging about something 100 people already have, with no unique perspective, it's not going anywhere. This is what gets you into the search engines and what brings people to you.

    When you've got that down, then start branching out a bit with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the like. However, don't use them to promote your site or your brand. If you're using them only to note sales or to say "come to my site," you're wasting your time. Think of some of the greats that you, personally like to follow. I, for one, get a total kick out of places like Taco Bell, who interact with their followers and respond with humor. If all they ever did was promote themselves, I'd drop them.

    Personally, I have not had much luck at all with posting ads through any venue. Facebook and Google ads have brought me no traffic at all. I've had some luck getting traffic through Project Wonderful ads, but as a forum-site owner, it's just traffic. It hasn't brought me many new members.

  19. whnuien

    whnuien Member

    It takes only a few click to share your content on Social Media so don't stop sharing them because if your website contents are interesting then there will be a lot of people who will visit and share them if they like what you've got.

    Having others to share it for you without you asking them to do it is the best thing when you are looking for a quality traffic.

    People mostly want to do free ways to promote their websites nowadays, and that all includes social media, bookmarking sites, forums, and many more. But if this is seems to be a lot of work to do then I think paid advertising would do if you have the fund to do it.

  20. elmarianexx

    elmarianexx New Member

    I have searching the Internet and came across this article. There's 23 tips on how to get more traffic to your blog. It's worth giving a check. Hope I helped!



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