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How to use Google+ For SMO

Discussion in 'Google' started by parthag, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. parthag

    parthag Member

    I want am elaborate discussion about the G+. Thanks in advance 

  2. srachel

    srachel New Member

    Joining communities on Google plus in your niche will connect you from your targeted visitors. Create Google+ pages in your Google account to promote your brand and services.

  3. eppie

    eppie Member

    I hope someone here can explain how they were able to use Google+ successfully in SMO. :unsure: I've been using G+ for sometime now, making updates on my pages regularly, adding connections and accepting new friends, etc.. but still not sure if my efforts made any difference at all.

    Or maybe I have yet to find out how to use G+ properly. :cautious:

  4. Athenagdlyt

    Athenagdlyt Member

    Google search engine loves Google+ links, therefore it is a good practice to upload URLs of blog posts to G+. The post title becomes the anchor text and it also gets easily indexed by Google. The photos uploaded to G+ also gets easily found on Google images, but it doesn't necessarily follow that the links added to the description of the photos get the same attention. No harm adding links to photos, though.

    eppie likes this.
  5. eppie

    eppie Member

    Thanks Athenagdlyt. :) After mentioning about G+ images getting found easily on Google image search, my views about using G+ for marketing suddenly shifts. :D

    This is really useful info one should take note of. I'll be keeping it in mind the next time I share photos at Google Plus.

  6. ran div

    ran div New Member

    we use g+ for social sharing purpose, it gives more and more traffic of websites.

  7. seo backlink

    seo backlink New Member

    Google + is good for smo and here you can submit videos and images also .

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