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Quality Website Tips

Discussion in 'Google' started by priyaroy, May 2, 2015.

  1. priyaroy

    priyaroy New Member

    I was looking at an article on the Bing webmaster blog, and it said that you should use your real name on author posts, and there should be some page or link verifying the identity of the author. That would be one criteria for identifying a higher quality site.

    I suppose you might be able to use some alias, provided there is some link or page idenitifying the real identity of the alias. However, I'm not sure about it.

    Also, it might be helpful to use citations on blog posts. In other words, if you state a fact, then it needs to be backed up with a citation. Obviously, you might not always be able to cite things, but you should when possible. It's interesting to note that some websites have ready made citations. All you have to do is copy and paste it on your website.

    Also, an about page and contact page would improve the quality of the site. Of course, you want to place it where visitors can easily find them.

    Finally, a lot of ads on the front page has a negative affect on SEO.

    Does anyone else use these strategies on their sites?


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