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Responsive or not?

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Glados, May 14, 2014.

  1. Glados

    Glados Member

    I used a responsive WordPress them before for one of my blogs. It was cool because it would automatically optimize pages for mobile viewing if you are using a handheld service for browsing the web. I had one problem with the responsive theme though. At times, the ads won't show. At other times, the ads look like a mess (especially the banner ads). That's why I changed my theme.

    Do you opt to go responsive?

  2. eppie

    eppie Member

    Hi Glados :)

    To answer your question, yes I would definitely go for responsive. More and more people today are going online using handheld devices (I've read around 45% or so). So it's really better to go for the responsive theme than risk losing traffic from mobile internet users. (y)

    And yes I've also heard that you need to be careful in selecting widgets or plugins when you have a responsive site as some of them are not yet designed for mobile viewing hence most likely to become a mess.:cautious:

  3. turt

    turt New Member

    Every website needs to be responsive at this time! Who cares if the ads don't show up all time. If you cut out half your market, it doesn't matter much anyway. Find new ads for mobile that are designed to show up correctly. If the site isn't responsive, the users probably won't see the ads anyway since they'll be zoomed into the content.

  4. Glados

    Glados Member

    But, it doesn't mean that a person cannot visit your website if it isn't responsive. Responsive websites are sites that are simplified whenever they are viewed with a mobile device. But even if a site is not responsive, you can still view it using your mobile device. Smartphones nowadays are becoming more and more powerful and could easily display any website there is - responsive or not.

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