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The death of google+

Discussion in 'Google' started by priyaroy, May 2, 2015.

  1. priyaroy

    priyaroy New Member

    They really threw a lot of time and money (YouTube comment integration, Google Plus features, etc.) to boost that network up but it just never competed with Facebook like they hoped. And the only reason it got as much attention as it did is because the majority of people joined hoping there would be some SEO benefit.

    As SOON as the announcement of Authorship dying came out last summer, the Google Plus network really quieted down. Some thought it was worthless to post there without SEO benefits. Others assumed it was the death of the network so they moved on.

    Splitting it is the best thing to do. The social network never did much but Hangouts have been a success.

    I actually like a lot of things about the Google Plus network. Even though it never got as popular as FB, there were a lot of productive discussions in the blogging/make money online community. And I always felt like it was less spammy than many of the other places.

  2. tk_hassan

    tk_hassan New Member

    It is true that google has tried very hard to make google plus a real competitor for the major social networks like facebook and twitter but the truth of the matter is that it couldn't reach the level of success which it was probably think of by google. It has certainly get attention of many online businesses and most of the online business are now have a google plus page with facebook and twitter pages but in terms of general people the ratio is pretty low and it seems that general public have pretty much no time to manage multiple social network accounts.

  3. Jones Groba

    Jones Groba New Member

    Yeah I agree. I think most of the users don't know how cool Google plus and they only prefer the spammy facebook and twitter. Yes pretty sure google plus cant defeat facebook because they are much more popular and most users thinks that google plus is another clone of facebook. When it comes to hanging out with friends and doing professional matters, I prefer google plus. The features they provide seems very competitive. But most of the time, I always use facebook because most of my friends are using them.

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