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Using WordPress is unprofessional?

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Glados, May 13, 2014.

  1. Glados

    Glados Member

    I'm using WordPress for every website that I have. I use it because it makes web development very accessible even for those who do not know any coding or any background in web design (like me). But I've heard some people say that using WordPress does make a site look unprofessional. Does this mean that people won't take my site seriously just because I'm using WordPress?

  2. solar

    solar New Member

    On the contrary, some people say that WordPress.org (as opposed to WordPress.com) is professional.

    "Does this mean that people won't take my site seriously just because I'm using WordPress?" I don't think so. Contents to me outweighs anything else.

  3. Rainman

    Rainman Member

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  4. pklatonja

    pklatonja New Member

    Wordpress is an extremely flexible platform. You can make amazing websites with it, and nobody could know it was wordpress unless they go into your code. The advantage of wordpress is it's built in CMS, that makes posting, updating and working with your website a breeze. I always try to hire guys to design and develop the website for me, and then update it myself.

  5. Glados

    Glados Member

    Thanks. I just thought that by using WordPress, nobody would take my site seriously. I do use WordPress.org though and not WordPress.com since I have a web host provider. I do think that not having your own domain looks unprofessional. ;)

  6. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    Wordpress is definitely the go-to CMS for a lot of sites.

    I think that the only time it might be considered unprofessional is if a person leaves it as the default theme of a really popular theme that looks like all the rest of the same theme out there. It's important to customize themes and make them your own. It doesn't mean that Wordpress is unprofessional overall, though.

  7. deathbyprayer

    deathbyprayer New Member

    In a sense yes because you're basically using what everybody is using. But I completely disagree with that. If you're creative and skilled enough you can make your WP site seem like it was made from scratch by web developing God.

  8. Glados

    Glados Member

    Everybody is using Facebook. Nike is using Facebook and so are other large companies. So does that make them unprofessional too? I hate how people who know how to code always diss those who are using WordPress. But I do try to customize the theme of my site so that it won't look like everybody else's site.

  9. whnuien

    whnuien Member

    I don't see why using Wordpress site is unprofessional. I would only call a site for being unprofessional if the content is copied, rubbish, and loaded with low quality image. That would be the only reasons why people would not take our sites seriously and not because they're a Wordpress site.

  10. turt

    turt New Member

    Considering that Wordpress has nothing to do with the outward appearance of your site, I have no idea why it would make your site "unprofessional". Just remove the Wordpress Copyright and make a custom theme... No one will ever know which software you are running!

  11. Ultip

    Ultip Member

    It isn't at all unprofessional, actually you would be surprised how many huge sites you visit that use Wordpress, a lot of big companies do.

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