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What's the best advertising venue?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by rosebud, May 12, 2014.

  1. rosebud

    rosebud New Member

    Let's say you're starting a new site and you only have $50 left in your budget to advertise and get new people in. We'll say that whatever money you get from people buying whatever you're promoting won't show up in your pocket for at least a month.

    What do you think is the best place to get the most bang for your buck, with the highest quality leads? I hear a lot about Facebook ads, but I don't pay much attention to those myself. AdSense is also suggested, but I'm not sure what kind of leads that generates on a very limited budget.

  2. Rainman

    Rainman Member

    Facebooks ads are worthless. Avoid them at all costs.

    Google ads would work well if you're not on a budget but even then the only guarantee you have is that people will see your ad but may not be interested in what you have to offer.

    The best option in my opinion would to head straight to the lions den. Advertise your site on a forum where people interested in the sort of products or services you sell hang out. That way at least you know you're reaching a laser-targeted audience.

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  3. Rube

    Rube Member

    You need to know who is your target audience. Find forums and community sites related to your niche and see if they accept ads - making sure first that it is an active site that gets a lot of traffic.

    Placing reciprocal banner ads on niche blogs is another option.

    Some web hosting packages come with an offer for some free Google Adwords, so you can try it and see if it works for you, before you pay anything.

  4. Brianna Jay

    Brianna Jay Member

    I wish I had seen this bit of advice before wasting my time with Facebook ads. They definitely are worthless from my experience. As far as finding a place to advertise, I'd say blogs in your niche. You can pay to have your ads posted on sites that you know your target market frequents. I've seen people on Fiverr offer to post your link along with an image on their niche specific website. If you do that on a few different blogs/sites you'll still be under $50.

  5. CrystalMarie

    CrystalMarie New Member

    With a budget of 50 dollars, I would save the money and put it elsewhere. Try advertising through social media because it is free. You can find good target audiences for you niche. Use the 50 on something that will be worth it.

  6. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    One idea would be to:

    1) Pick a niche you're interested in building an affiliate site around using the google keyword planner (free) for your research.
    2) Set up a site on a host like Weebly using their free or pro package, then you would get access to $100 of free adwords if you spend $25. $100 could go a long way if you pick the right keywords.
    3) Use the remaining 25 dollars to promote your blog, have a nice logo made.
    4) Promote by using social media, interacting with blogs in your niche leaving natural themed blog comments, list your new blog at technorati, and at niche specific directories etc


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