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Which comes first - content or web design?

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by Glados, May 16, 2014.

  1. Glados

    Glados Member

    Readers visit your website because of content. You must have a lot of great content in order to have a lot of visitors. But of course, people won't take you seriously if your site looks like crap. You need to put some thought into web design - what will be the layout of your site, the combination of colors, what to put in your sidebars and footers, etc.

    Which do you prioritize first - content or web design?

  2. whnuien

    whnuien Member

    To be honest both are very important to me. I tend to check on the arrangement of my site every time I put up a new post, check if the colours are annoying, if my fonts are too big or too small, and so on.

    I enjoy writing more when I myself like how my site looks because a beautiful site is useless if it's empty. right? :D

  3. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    I think you need a combination of both, so it's not really one or the other first. You can always put in a basic design and then work on basic content....and then put a higher emphasis on one or another for a while. They BOTH need to eventually be made amazing, though, or no one will stick around.

  4. AgentD22

    AgentD22 Member

    I'd to the design first, you need to have something that people feel drawn to, before you can actually make it substantial.

  5. turt

    turt New Member

    Content must always be done first! The whole purpose of web design is to display web content. The best design is based on the best way to display the content.

  6. Athenagdlyt

    Athenagdlyt Member

    If I speak from a reader's point of view, I'd favor content over design. It's the content that drew me to the page that responded to my search query because I needed specific information. I can tolerate and appreciate text-based websites especially during times of research. However, this visit can only happen once or a few times over to cater specifically for information gathering.

    A well-designed website is definitely more enjoyable and one that will possibly make me return over and over.

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  7. Brianna Jay

    Brianna Jay Member

    Content takes priority. It should be the main focus of any site. Once you've got your content you can then focus on web design. You can always add to or take away from your design without your readers focusing on it too much. Your content is what they visit the site for so it's important to ensure you have good content above everything else.

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  8. Rube

    Rube Member

    If a website has a really bad design, and the content is unreadable or unfindable, then the quality of the content makes little difference. However, quality of content should be given top priority, as well as good workable design.

    Google is about to release a new Panda update, which means that Google search results will depend on quality of content and Google will penalize any site identified as being filled with useless poor quality content.

  9. Loveleen Kaur

    Loveleen Kaur Active Member

    I am favor in Quality Content. It is more important than design.

  10. az athena

    az athena New Member

    Long before a site is built, I've already decided on the design of it. I do mock-ups and show color schemes and layouts to friends and family and get as much feedback as possible. Then, I get going on an outline (which has been largely completed in my mind several times over already) and determine what pages I will have and where. All the static pages are pre-written as well, so by the time I start actually building, it's just a matter of plugging it in. For me, it isn't one or the other. They're both important and need equal attention.

  11. Bartok

    Bartok Active Member

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  12. Perth

    Perth Active Member

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  13. kmpisces

    kmpisces New Member

    I believe content is most important. Of course, you should have a nice looking website too. But I will follow a website even if the design is poor as long as it has good content.

  14. deathbyprayer

    deathbyprayer New Member

    Okay, so first of all I prioritize the website development stage first. I focus more on the design of the website first and the overall look. After I'm done with my site, then content follows. One at a time. But as for me, I think content is more important than looks since most people look for content really, some people don't mind looking at an ugly site as long as that site has what they need.

  15. zuulspaceman

    zuulspaceman New Member

    I have seen sites with terrible content and great design that do well, and sites with great content but terrible design that do okay. It's all about bringing either good content, design, or both to the table. If you can't do all of this yourself, then you should probably hire someone to assist you.

    There are exceptions and people that really can make things work with bad design or content, However, it's best not to try your luck and come up with a fantastic website idea that has good design and content if you want to attract the most attention.

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